Janni StrÝmstad

Im born on the 19th of September 1977, so Im still much younger - and definetly much more beautiful, if you ask me :-) - than my husbond.
I have a sister, Dinna, and a niece, who was born just two days ago, when writting this. My parents got divorced when I was 8 or 9 years old, and I lived together with my sister and mother, Anne Grethe, until I moved out just before my 18th birthday.

I have travelled a lot and to many places. And I have worked in different countries. So it was my idea this journey, we are about to venture out on. Thankfully my husbond decided to join me...

We got married on the 17th of July 2004. It was a wonderful wedding, and I must admit that being married really suits me. I would recoment it to anyone, if it feels right.

Atle StrÝmstad

Im born on the 2. of may 1975, which makes me past 30. Yikes im not feeling that old, and if i ever do, illl go out and buy me a ferrari to compensate.

I have work as an programmer for over 5 years, but since we have decided to go walk about in the world i have prioritisted the vacation instead. It was a rough choice, but it is made.

I grew up on island county called Austevoll, just south of Bergen in Norway, here a lived my wild days as a kiddo and teenager, until i moved to Bergen to study.
After i was done with the equielent of college, I spent six months in Australia helping out on a diary farm. And after returning to Norway, I did my mandatory service in the Norwegian forces. I then entered a computer school at University level for two years and have since then worke with computers and programing.

I've done a lot of odd jobs, ranging from factoryworker in fishfactory, plumbing, teacher, farmer and programmer, so my variety of jobs is big.

I consider myself as a fun and happy person with a sparkel in my eyes and dimpels in my cheeks :))