The site:

During our tour/holiday in Bangkok, Australia and New Zeland we will try and make entries in our journals. Link to the journals are shown above. Click either Janni's journal or Atle's journal to respective ones.

Under the newspage are our updated travel info. The dates listed have a link to pictures or a film of that date. Click the date to get thumbnails pictures for that date. If there are no pictures for that date, the archives will be listed instead. Or get a full listing of dates by clicking on the archives link in the news page.

This site is dedicated to the amazing and fantastic lives of Janni and Atle StrÝmstad (not yet ended and therefore to be continued...(for a long time hopefully(with a lot of fun(and lots of fun people on the way)))).

This is a site about.... well us. Uhhh, that sounds boring, does it not? Well take a look at the snap shots and you might think again, if not, well keep on clicking to the next site. There might be a ho--y girl/guy you havent seen out there yet.